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Into the Music is a radio series created by Hwy. 61 Productions to provide an informative, entertaining resource for each listener's own mission of musical discovery.

Host and producer Al Neff is a 30+ year radio veteran who has been refining the Into the Music concept for the past decade. He has a Master's degree in Popular Culture Studies and a black belt in Rock Trivia.

Note From The Producer: I was raised mainly on country music. I love Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, but then I heard some new beats. The Beatles later bridged the gap between David Cassidy and Jim Morrison, and a whole new universe opened up for me. What I try to do with the Into the Music series is provide bridges between, and ways to get into, the music that mattered most in the larger picture of Music. There's still a lot to be done, but I hope you enjoy and get into the current selection as we continue to expand, connect and enhance the features of the Into the Music super-highway. The Music Drives Us...

Al Neff ITM host/producer

Electric Guitar
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